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Nikki giving a presentation about the work of Yashua Sanctuary at a fund raising event.

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December 2015

Our thanks for recent donation:

Emmanuel Church, Inspire Plus, Dan Petrie, Karen Neale & Antonietta D'Urso.

April 2015

Our trustee Nikki recently gave a talk at a primary school in Stamford and one of the mums is Karen Neale who is an artist with an upcoming exhibition at the Barbican between 1st and 25th May. She is kindly planning to donate YS some money from paintings sold at the Barbican and will put up info at the event taken from the Postcard!

Find out more at www.karenneale.co.uk

April 2015

The annual curry night fundraising event took place in Essex, led by our trustee Sue. Once again thanks to all those that came along.

January 2016

Sister Venus needs a cateract operation and we have decided to send her extra funding to support her paying for the operation.

January 2016

The girls in India were recently confirmed, we have received some lovely photos from India.

Report from trustee Sue following her visit to India Autumn 2016

Girls all growing well.

During the holidays I left the girls to do studies in the morning and and their devotional and bible stories in the afternoon.

Clearly some of the girls are not so good in reading, Bella. Gladys, Ester and Dolcie, Dolcie said she could not read the words. On later seeing her read even bigger words I think she is struggling with studies in general, I did have a conversation with her about not everyone is academic, and as long as she try's her best that's all she can do. We went on to discuss as she is good at sport she may become the next Indian marathon runner!

Some of the girls had a assignment to find someone who had been brave/courageous  - I used this as an opportunity to talk about Teri Calvesbert, I showed them pictures, this was not lost on Gladys, a young lady who was 90% burns when she was two years old, she had had just celebrated her 16 yr old prom at her school, we discussed about her operations and how she had won the child of courage award.

Attended the beach on a couple of evenings which was good fun.

Venus and the girls were pleased with the gold stud earrings our house group had bought them.

Computer and printer now all in place, including Internet, this helps Blanch and the girls with their home work.

They are not paying for the internet until after Xmas, they said they would look for the best rate, but felt it would be about 20.00 per month,

Venus is getting up at 4.00am to get the girls breakfast started, girls are up at 5.00am, they then clean the flat, have their run, then bath, breakfast and they leave at 7.00am, Blanch and Amor leave a little earlier for their school.

Venus has said that Amor and Blanch will needs some extra tuition from June next year to meet with their exams expectations, she does not know at this time how much this will cost but has said she will let us know, this is because the they are on the Delhi exam board ISCC and the other girls sit under Goa board and exams,

Day rip to the zoo was lovely, the girls were very excited.

December 2017

The trustees of YS would like to thank all our donators who generously support the charity providing for the schooling and everyday needs of the amazing girls, we wish you all a very merry Christmas and Blessed new year.  Nikki, Sue and Alastair.